Medical assistant schools

Medical assistants can work in physicians' offices, public or private hospitals, offices of other healthcare professionals and facilities that offer in-patient and out-patient medical facilities. The job outlook for this profession is good, especially for certified medical assistants who underwent formal training and obtained substantial amount of experience.

The employment rate is growing faster than average. The increasing aging population is one of the reasons this occupation is high in demand. Therefore, if you are still looking for a job in the healthcare industry, then this field might be the right career for you. You can find excellent job positions in this area, as long as you have the right training.

Although medical assistants are not licensed, their duties and responsibilities are as rewarding as those of doctors, nursing and other healthcare professions. Essentially, their role in the medical arena is to assist and support doctors and other healthcare practitioners. Their assistance is needed so that doctors can focus solely on their patients' health issues, rather than performing administrative tasks. They make sure that the patient is ready, if he/she undergoes medical examination. They set up medical instruments before an examination is carried out. They also explain the medical procedure to the patient in a caring manner so as to alleviate the anxiety the patient may be feeling at the moment.

How to become a medical assistant?

Doctors and other healthcare practitioners hire medical assistants who are certified and who underwent proper training. If you want to pursue a career in this field, then you should consider obtaining proper training.

  • Post-secondary education program. This is offered by community colleges, vocational schools, and colleges and universities as well as welfare-to-work programs.
  • Under the supervision of a licensed medical doctor or a registered nurse on the job training . The content of the training will be dictated by the supervising licensed healthcare professional.

The courses covered by a training program will include:

» Anatomy
» Physiology
» Transcription »Book-keeping
» Medical terminology
» Typing skills » Insurance processing » Medical law and ethics

Potential individuals can easily handle the duties and responsibilities for this profession if they have thorough knowledge about mathematics, biology, health, bookkeeping, keyboarding and computers.

You can also enhance your skills by volunteering. On your first few months working in this field, you will undergo training sessions and work closely with medical assistants who are more experienced than you are. The training program can last from 1 year to 2 years, depending on the program you choose.

Medical Assistant Certification

Certification is not a legal requirement. However, you will need it to increase your employability. When you become a certified medical assistant, you will also receive higher salary.

Two of the many associations that award certification examinations are the following:

- American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA)
- Association of Medical Technologists (AMT)

The process of obtaining a certification may vary by association. Furthermore, you can also obtain a certification by specialty. For instance, you can specialize in podiatry, ophthalmology, or optometry. If you prefer to become a podiatrist medical assistant, your tasks will include exposing and developing x-rays, making castings of feet and assisting podiatrists during surgery.

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