Medical Assistant Programs in Maryland

One of the fastest growing fields in the health and medical industry is medical assisting. If your passion is directed towards caring for people and running a well-organized office environment, then you will thrive in a medical assisting career. The mean annual salary for medical assistants in Maryland is around $42,000, which makes Maryland one of the best places to practice the profession. Considering the average annual salary nationwide is c. $29,000, Maryland medical assistants are paid well and can command even higher salaries through further education, upgraded skills and overall experience in this field.

Education Requirements for Medical Assistants

Nationally, there is no specific law about education, certification, and employment for medical assistants. With a high school diploma, one can already apply for a medical assistant position and the hiring company will provide training on the job. However, with employers now choosing formally trained and certified medical assistants, competition has become tougher. Thus, aspiring medical assistants are encouraged to complete a medical assisting program, and consequently, take a certifying exam.

Medical assisting programs in Maryland are available in community colleges, technical schools, vocational schools, junior colleges, or universities. For those who cannot study on a fulltime basis, online courses are also available. These programs take about a year to complete and leads to a certificate in medical assisting. A more intensive course is the two-year program that leads to an associate's degree in medical assistance.

Both programs cover the clinical and administrative sides of the job, which includes anatomy, physiology, laboratory methods and procedures, pharmaceuticals, medical laws and ethics, and other clinical procedures. Among clerical and administrative duties, students learn are accounting and bookkeeping, recordkeeping, insurance processing, and office procedures. As a requisite to completing the course, students are required to undergo an internship program under the supervision of a doctor or a fellow medical assistant.

MAryland Medical Assisting Schools

Certification Requirements

Medical assistants can practice the profession even without passing a certification exam. However, becoming a certified medical assistant can help advance one's career professionally and financially. Certified medical assistants handle more complex tasks than non-certified assistants do, and thus, resulting to more specialized responsibilities and consequently, higher pay.

Career Advancement

In terms of career advancement, medical assistants in Maryland can move up to office manager position after years of experience as a medical assistant. Another career option is teaching in educational institutions that offer medical assisting programs. Some even branch out to other medical fields after having the expertise in performing their clinical tasks such as Medical Administrative Specialists or Phlebotomy Technicians. For some, going back to school is another alternative considering the medical experience they have to become nurses, x-ray technicians, or any other health related professions.

A medical assistant career can be a rewarding and lucrative job. Ensure to check out accredited medical assistant schools in your area now.


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