Medical Assisting programs in north Dakota

If you are interested in the medical assisting profession be it administrative, clerical or clinical, you can undertake the required formal training and be ready for employment all within one year. Once in the field, you can undertake further studies to specialize in a specific area such as Podiatry, Optometry or Ophthalmology.

Educational Pathways for a Medical Assistant in North Dakota

Like in all other states, a high school diploma can help you land your first job as a medical assistant. With this set up, you will learn the ropes of medical assisting on the job – either a doctor guides you on your day-to-day tasks or a certified medical assistant trains you on clinical and clerical duties. However, as employers shift their focus on hiring formally trained applicants to lessen their load, it would be wise to complete a medical assisting program in an ABHES or CAAHEP accredited school.

In North Dakota, you can become a medical assistant within nine months of medical assisting training, earning you a certificate in medical assistance. You may also opt for the more intensive training program, which is the associate's degree in medical assisting. The benefit of choosing the latter is that if you intend to pursue higher education, the associate's degree leads you to that direction. Thus, you will just have to complete two more years of schooling before you obtain your bachelor's degree.

Both programs require that you undergo an internship program after completing the instructional part of the training.

Certification Requirements

After completing your internship program, you may already begin hunting for jobs as a medical assistant. However, apart from graduating from an accredited medical assisting school, employers now prefer applicants who are certified in their field to see whether they passed certain standards set by medical assistant organizations. Thus, becoming certified is your final step before embarking in a medical assisting career.

Check out organizations like the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) and American Medical Technologists (AMT) which are amongst the four bodies that provide certification exams for medical assistants.

North Dakota Wages for Medical Assistants

Table 1 Salary Data Source: U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Level of Experience Hourly Rate Annual Salary
Entry-Level Wage $10.09 $21,000
Median Wage $13.13 $27,300
Experienced Wage $17.63 $36,700

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