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Vermont Medical Assisting

Vermont medical assistants are among the highest paid medical assistants in the country today. With an average salary of $31,000 per year, Vermont practitioners are enjoying a lucrative and financially rewarding career. While experience plays a major role in determining the salary, other factors such as education, certification, and location of practice also control the salary of medical assistants.

As an example, those who received formal medical assistant training and passed certification exam for medical assistants are offered profitable deals and can bargain for better salary packages than non-certified applicants.

Similar to other states, medical assisting in Vermont is a female-dominated area where more than half of the practitioners are women. Given a few more years, there is a possibility that the number would soon even out.

Pathways of Becoming a Medical Assistant in Vermont

With a high school diploma, you can already start looking for jobs as a medical assistant. In this instance, you learn about your responsibilities on the job – either from the physician or from other medical assistants. This practice is slowly changing as advancements in technology occur and as doctors' responsibilities surmount.

Currently, the employment trend is to hire properly trained applicants, which means you must have graduated from a reputable and accredited medical assistance school. Otherwise, competition is stiff and job opportunities are scarce.

Your best options include attending a one-year course in medical assisting that gives you a certificate in medical assisting or the two-year course that leads to the associate's degree in medical assistance. If you intend to pursue higher education in the future, then choose the latter option instead.

Both courses teach about the clinical and administrative tasks associated with being a medical assistant. As such, your training includes body systems, medical terms, basic pharmacology, medical ethics, medical coding and claims, and use of different medical equipment. On the clerical and administrative side, your focus will be on office procedures, transcription, insurance forms, reimbursement methods and telephone etiquette.

Medical Assistant Schools in Vermont

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Vermont Salaries for Medical Assistants

Table 1 Salary Data Source: America's Career InfoNet
Level of Experience Hourly Rate Annual Salary
Entry-Level Wage
Median Wage
Experienced Wage

Is Certification Recommended?

Certification as a medical assistant is not mandatory. Nevertheless, passing a certification exam boosts your hiring potential as it gives employers the assurance that you have met the credentials for medical assistants set by the certifying organizations. Further, it means you are well qualified to handle your clinical and administrative responsibilities.

Being the case, you will enjoy better salary rates, job stability, more defined career path, and career advancement when you become a certified medical assistant.

Take note that only graduates from accredited schools are allowed to sit for exams. Otherwise, those who learned the medical assisting responsibilities on the job or graduated from non-accredited medical assisting programs have to wait for five years before gaining eligibility to take medical assistant certification tests.

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