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Wisconsin Medical Assisting

In Wisconsin, aspiring medical assistants seek out technical schools, local colleges, or universities for their medical assistance training. Just like in other states, a high school diploma is the stepping to a successful and thriving career in medical assisting. However, because employers preferences have changed when it comes to credentials of applicants, Wisconsin residents opt to have proper training in the medical assisting field.

Pathways to Becoming a Medical Assistant in Wisconsin

If this is the career you intend to pursue, you may choose between two options to begin your training. The certificate in medical assisting provides you with the basic training on your clinical and clerical duties in a doctor's clinic or at the hospital. Training includes patient care, use and maintenance of medical instruments, and minor laboratory techniques and methods. Your clerical training will revolve around accounting and bookkeeping, recordkeeping, insurance claims, and reimbursement methods. This course can be completed within a year of study.

Your next option is the associate's degree in medical assisting that you can finish within two years. What makes this different from a certificate course is apart from the above topics, you will be trained on other complex responsibilities such as operation of life support equipment, therapeutic equipment, and diagnostic equipment. This path also leads to a bachelor's degree if you intend to study again in the future.

To become successful in the medical assisting industry, it is highly advisable that you undertake one of the four certification exams for medical assistants. (Read more: Medical Assisting Certification Requirements ) It will not only add to your credentials, but it gives the employer insight as to the type of medical assistant you could become. Passing the test connotes that you have surpassed the quality standards as set by medical assistance certifying agencies.

Medical Assistant Schools in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Salaries for Medical Assistants

Table 1 Salary Data Source: America's Career InfoNet
Level of Experience Hourly Rate Annual Salary
Entry-Level Wage
Median Wage
Experienced Wage

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics claims, medical assisting is one of the industries expected to provide thousands of jobs in the healthcare sector. The current population of medical assistants is more than 500,000 practitioners, and from now until 2020, there is a projected growth of 31% in job opportunities. Roughly translated, 31% is about 163,000 positions waiting to be filled up in the years to come.*

With a mean annual salary of $30,400, medical assistants in Wisconsin are paid slightly higher than other assistants in different states. Depending on factors such as experience, specialization, and place of work, medical assistant salary can still increase. In addition, there are other ways on how to augment one's salary, and that is, through working overtime, on weekends, or during holidays.

As the baby boomers of the past are getting older, the demand for additional medical support team, including medical assistants, is already on the rise. As doctors and nurses begin to transition their administrative duties to medical assistants, the more they can focus in keeping people well and healthy.

* US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010–11 Edition: Medical Assistants., website last visited on November 1, 2012.
America's CareerInfoNet, website last visited November 02, 2012

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